Warwick Kia News

13th November, Mask Wearing at Warwick Kia:

Whilst the wearing of masks is a personal choice, if you visit Warwick Kia wearing a mask, so shall we.

Thursday 23rd, Warwick Kia continued sponsorship of the Rotary / Shakespeare Hospice Golf day at Stratford was a great success, thanks to the sterling efforts of the Rotary members, unlike the performance of the Warwick Kia 1st team ( pictured) which was sadly below par.....team selection for 2022 under serious review.

Tuesday 21st September Warwick Kia were at the races!  A beautiful day at Warwick races spoiled only by the managing director who, to the delight of the bookmakers, continued to confuse hope with reality. The next meeting is on Sept 30th any professional selection advice would be appreciated!

Saturday 4th September Warwick Kia sponsored the Warwick Rotary Thai Festival.

We are always pleased to sponsor the annual Warwick Rotary Thai Festival. This is one of many charity events that Rotary Club of Warwick, England arrange throughout the year. We should appreciate their continuing unselfish efforts.

On behalf of everyone...Thank you Rotary.

Saturday 7th August Stratford golf club AM/AM

We present a cup to the winning amateur and are involved in the sponsorship of this event to support the captain in raising funds for Stratford Hospice. The winner of a sealed bid auction will have the use of this car for the weekend

Tuesday the 3rd August was Warwick Kia's day to have the new EV6 Roadshow Event in the showroom. Guests applied online to be some of the first to see the new car in the unveiling.

It was a fantastic evening, everyone loved seeing the latest electric car addition to our range.