KIA Insurance

Buying a new Kia car from Warwick Kia entitles you to a host of worthwhile benefits, including convenient solutions for your insurance.

The perks you get with Kia Insurance include a Free 7-Day Insurance at the start of your ownership with the option to upgrade to annual cover at a great price. Unlike most other UK insurers, Warwick Kia makes sure that, in the event of an accident, your Kia will be repaired at a Kia approved bodyshop using only Genuine Kia Parts and manufacturer approved repair methods. This will help maintain your Kia’s safety rating, preserve its comprehensive warranty and protect the resale value as well.

For the full list of advantages you get when you choose Kia Insurance with Warwick Kia, including courtesy car options, European cover service and Multi-Car discounts, contact one of our Kia experts today by filling in the available enquiry form or by calling the phone number provided.